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vivat turn table motorized photo turntable platform

Vivat Turn Table

Motorized photo turntable

Photographing automatization device designed for online stores. A great tool for creating "360°" photos.

Motorized photo turntable Vivat designed for shooting small objects up to 20 kg (44 lbs): jewelry, watches, cell phones, flowers, handmade things, shoes, items of clothing on mannequins, etc. It will also be an irreplaceable tool for video bloggers, cameramen, those who shoot panoramic images or do 3D scanning.

areas of use

360° photo

At present days the best way of product visualization in the online store is "Photo 360" technology - ability to view the product from all angles. It is achieved by continuous shooting of the rotating object.

Usage of this technology will lead to more orders and as result more profits in online store.

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batch photo

Photo series from different angles

Very useful function for online stores. Device takes a set of photos from user angles. You can take individual photos from predefined positions (for example, five photos per product).

Now you don't need to change the object position manually. Just push one button and the photo series is ready. Automation saves your time.

stock video

Create interesting and original videos. Device accuracy allows to shoot smooth videos with rotating objects.

This function may be useful for shooting advertisements, restaurant menu presentations, filming jewellery, etc.

It's easier to create now!

products review

Vivat Turn Table - irreplaceable assistant for video bloggers. It will allow to present overall look of the product as well as its possibilities and specifications.

panorama capture

Vivat Turn Table allows panoramic photo and video capture both indoors and outdoors.

The table can be used with external power source (12V).

3d scanning

3d objects scanning

It is possible to create models for 3D printing with additional software.


- automated shooting process
- operating modes: photo 360, batch photo, video, manual mode
- vibrationless (suitable for jewelry shooting)
- changeable surfaces (optional surfaces up to 60cm available)
- can work from battery 12 V (not included)
- tripod mount 1/4" and 3/8" for outdoor use
- one year warranty

- built-in LCD screen with backlight
- control buttons on device body
- infrared remote allows you to control device up to 5 meters
- 9 most popular shooting programs can be launched in one click

- divice size: 22x22x8 cm
- surface diameter: 26 cm
- maximum object mass: 20 kg
- package size: 38x29x15 cm (in basic configuration)
- mass with package: 3.1 kg (in basic configuration)

- Vivat Turn Table D-26 device, changeable surface (diameter 26 cm)
- power cable 220/110 V
- camera sync cable and individual adapter
- infrared remote control
- transportation bag
- user manual
- Vivat Photo 360 software (for Windows)

Video presentation of Vivat Turn Table

Vivat Turn Table D-26 presentation with english subtitles. Description of device functions.

vivat photo 360

software description

Full version of the Vivat Photo 360 windows software is available for all Vivat Turn Table buyers.
It’s easy to use photo 360 stitching software which allows you to edit the image sequence and create a web script, GIF file or upload photos to our partner's site
Turn sequences of JPG images into interactive 360 product views.

vivat photo 360 software description
rotation and cropping

Images can be rotated by 90° clockwise or counterclockwise.
Cropping tool allows you to crop or clip images. This tool is often used to remove borders, or to eliminate unwanted areas, to provide you with a more focused working area.
During cropping you can view all sequence images to make sure each of them fits into the selected area.

vivat photo 360 software rotation and cropping
image processing

Image adjusting tools:
- brightness, contrast
- levels
- color temperature
- sharpen

vivat photo 360 software image processing

Image Watermark allows you to automatically watermark all images in sequence. You can add company logo, website address, product name, etc...



vivat photo 360 software watermark
script settings

Many script settings are available, including:
- image size and quality
- automatic rotation and direction
- mode (loop or from side to side)
- speed, temp, delay, mouse cursor look, etc...

vivat photo 360 software script setting support

Vivat Photo 360 supports uploading images to service.
SIRV benefits:
- fast and easy photo 360 integration with your web site
- most popular CMS are supported (WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Drupal..)
- spin customization options
- optimized for mobile devices...

програмное обеспечение vivat photo 360 сервис sirv

Download demo version of the Vivat Photo 360 Software

This is a demo version. Only 15 images are allowed. All output images are covered with demo watermark. The full version will be available after Vivat Turn Table purchase.



“ Дуже часто інтернет-магазини ставлять задачу зробити фото 360 градусів. В цьому мені допомагає предметний столик Vivat Turn Table, який дуже спрощує мою роботу і автоматизує процес. Дякую, вам, хлопці, за класний продукт, за класну річ, яка дійсно спрощує моє життя. ”
Mykhailo Feshchur


“ Дякую хлопцям з VIVAT. Стіл СУПЕР. Використовую його з лайткубом для фотографування взуття в інтернет магазин. Процес прискорився в 4-5 разів ніж в ручну. Аналоги коштують від 1000уе і, як виявилося, нічим не кращі. Всім рекомендую. ”
Peter Mosalov


“ Класна штука і за невеликі гроші (якщо дивитися на конкурентів). Використовую для зйомки відеооглядів в YouTube. ”

Alex Crane


“ Столик простий у використанні, комплектація чудова, чохол є, потрібний кабель йде в комплекті, тільки при покупці потрібно про це нагадати (хоча мене і так запитали, чим знімаю). ”


“ Зручний і простий у використанні. Виробник все чітко і покроково розписав як працювати зі столом в інструкції, що дуже приємно і легко для мене, як для початківця чайника))). ”


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